Diver Delay Barrier - Vessel Arrest Underwater Intrusion Detection


The VAUID technology is a uniquely structured fiber-optic system comprised of a fiber-optic woven net.

Each Fiber Net zone is comprised of a single woven fiber optic cable. Coded infrared
(IR) light is sent through the fiber-optic cable; a cut in the cable, breaking the light path, will trigger an alarm.
The Fiber Net is generally comprised of two uniquely structured sections of
fiber-optic net, a lower section for cut-through protection, and an optional upper outrigger section. 

Any attempt to cut through or climb over this upper outrigger will trigger an alarm. The pressure sensitivity on this section can also be adjusted to accommodate a balance between security and environmental conditions.

The VA-UID can be attached to the 'vessel arrest boom' or 'vessel arrest fence' to give protection to the seabed.