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The Vessel Arrest Launcher is a portable pneumatically powered (compressed air) tool that deploys an entanglement line to disable suspect vessels. Highly flexible, it provides vessel-stopping capabilities in a “point-and-shoot” method.

Constructed from aluminum and stainless steel, with hard-anodized aluminum components, the Vessel Arrest Launcher uses compressed air to launch an entanglement web without generating a flash, heat or noise. It delivers a safe and accurate protection solution where needed and can be fully immersed in seawater.

Perfect layered or dynamic intercept tool, the Vessel Arrest Launcher provides capabilities that compliment the operator's requirements in all maritime operations.

All training is in house with a Vessel Arrest Systems Trainer

  • Launcher Training
  • Tactical Training
  • Train the Trainer

Check out the movie: A training day with Vessel Arrest Systems


The Vessel Arrest Launcher Mount, is a deck mounted accessory to aid the user when exposed to long durations on patrol.

Mount Construction: 

The Launcher Mount motion is 4-axis gimbal to allow ease of targeting to deploy. 

This maximises options for deployment against the target vessel.


Vessel Arrest Launcher (FM)

Fixed/Mounted Launcher